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AstroPsychology for Life Transformation

The 3-Level Breakthrough Program for Seekers of Self-Knowledge & Evolved Astrology lovers who are ready to reinvent their life with the empowering insights revealed by their Birth Chart.

Growth Astrology Mentorship Program

A unique opportunity for Seekers of Self-Knowledge & Evolved Astrology lovers who are eager to Learn & Practice Astrology from a Psychological Perspective with a Holistic Approach to Birth Chart Analysis.

Emotion Mastery: The Ultimate Bundle

Astrology, Psychology & Advanced Coaching materials that will teach you how to explore your Emotional Self and embrace & master your emotions.

Meet Angelika

I passionately love Astrology and Psychology and have been studying and practicing birth chart analysis from a psychological perspective for over 20 years.

I am a Certified Psychological Astrologer, Inner Work Mentor, and Life Transformation Coach with extensive experience. 

It’s my mission to help people transform their life & their relationships, realize their potential, and achieve lasting happiness!

KIM horvath, nj, USA

“I recently had a reading with Angelika…It was FANTASTIC! It’s hard to pinpoint what I enjoyed most – the accuracy was spot on. Through the session, I was actually able to see myself – and walked away with an understanding of how I came to this world. Because of the clarity I received, I can now walk with more certainty and not be concerned about certain things. I can be more focused on my strengths and purpose. My energy level has shifted and I have a new appreciation and excitement for this season of my life. I’m breathing a bit more freely!

Thank you Angelika – your intuition, your approach, and your ability to discuss esoteric topics in a way that anyone could understand is simply…BRILLIANT. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together!”

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The Essence of The Astrological Signs​

Free astrological guide to help you uncover the sacred knowledge and wisdom found in the cosmos!

Abundance Journal Prompts

Learn more about your relationship with money and abundance with the guided journal prompts.

The Ultimate Life Design Workbook

Learn now to Reinvent Yourself & Transform Your Life with the 42-page guided workbook.

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Lucie quigley, canada

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Nicole Vann, OH, USA

“The stars really aligned and gave me a great gift in finding Angelika. While meeting online through a love of astrology, enrolling into her coaching program has been one of my greatest investments. She is able to really tap into the person that I am, with my hopes and fears, and give me practical, useful, targeted, helpful, heartfelt advice to better myself and my life. She offers this from a real place of understanding and no judgement. Angelika’s program is very unique, and it has been very effective for me in taking steps to produce changes to experience more positivity, joy, and fulfillment in my life. She’s also a wonderful teacher that has a way of making astrology come to life, opposed to just words on paper. She makes concepts easy to understand and shares great knowledge in a tangible and practical way. Working with Angelika has been such a wonderful experience that I am very grateful for.”