How I Learned to Live Authentically and Become a Psychological Astrologer & Life Transformation Coach...

My story includes many adventures and profound life changes, culture shocks, various places of residence, marriages, job and career transitions, & traveling around the world!

I have experienced different social & cultural realities living in Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and later moving to Spain, where I currently live. I worked in the corporate world, international business, education, and coaching.

All this naturally led to the development of various cultural identities, knowledge, and rich professional & life experiences.

Some Facts About Me:

* Lived in 5 countries, in 3 continents
* Visited another 22 countries
* Speak five languages
* MA in Linguistics
* Certified Psychological Astrologer
* Certified Virtual Coach
* Teacher, Mentor, Consultant
* Member of ISAR

I discovered Astrology when I was 13 years old when I found a book on the Sun Signs in a local library. That day I discovered a sacred system of knowledge and my lifelong passion!

I studied Astrology on my own and with different teachers for over three decades. The work of C.G. Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene as well as many other great experts in the field led me to the decision to specialize in Psychological Astrology.  

I hold a Certification from the Academy of AstroPsychology – the Astrology school and program created by astrologer and psychotherapist Glenn Perry, Ph.D. 

Regardless of the many changes, I went through in my life my love and passion for Astrology never faded, they only grew stronger and continue, to this day, to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration and deep wisdom, applicable in all areas of my life.

My ‘dark night of the soul’ experience…

A few years ago I lost my father, and later, a husband and my mother to cancer, in two weeks. I had to live through a lot of pain and grief, without much support.

I found myself widowed at 50 years old, alone in another country, with no obvious reason to feel happy or in love ever again. I was devastated…

But deep inside I knew that I still had a lot of life to live!

I decided that it was too early to give up and got determined to continue forward, as I knew my loved ones, I have lost would want me to rebuild my life & be happy again!

Naturally, the neglect of my authentic inner self led to various emotional and physical issues, including a thyroid function disorder, frequent migraines, and an overall feeling of unhappiness.

When my life changed completely after losing loved ones, I clearly saw that I had two options: drown in despair or rebuild my life and focus on my personal growth. I chose the latter and was fully determined to heal and live again, this time to the fullest!

The journey within, combined with an in-depth analysis of my birth chart from a psychological perspective and inner work helped me reconnect with my core, my authentic Self, like never before!

I chose not to be a victim of circumstances, regained my personal power, and prepared for the next steps on my journey.

I went through the process of healing, followed by true empowerment and transformation, a typical Plutonian process – from Pain to Personal Power!

Shortly after, I met the love of my life, and a couple of years later, at the age of 53, I got married again, created a new life, started my own business, and never been happier!

This is why I am so passionate about helping other people heal, remove their inner barriers, and grow so they can live their most fulfilled & happy life!

I traveled the world, started over more than once, but most importantly I never stopped believing in my abilities to reinvent myself and my life and follow my dreams!

My story, combined with my lifelong passion for Astrology and Psychology, my academic achievements, qualifications, experiences, and work, and my strong intuition allow me to provide high-quality consulting & coaching services to my clients.

I have taken advanced certification courses in cutting-edge fields, related to my practice including Psychological Astrology, Strategic Intervention Training on Advanced Relationship Coaching as well as Virtual Coach Next Level Methodology.

I have always worked with people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds and have collected amazing life stories!

I never stop learning and like to call myself a student of life.

As an avid learner, I keep acquiring knowledge relevant to my practice and constantly upgrade my skills so that I can always serve my clients with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

I believe every person and every story is a precious gift from the Universe and comes with great potential for amazing discoveries, inner growth, and personal evolution.

The help I provide motivates my clients to disconfirm limiting beliefs and embrace their authentic Self, which in turn creates a positive and inspired outlook on life and empowered thinking and behavior.

As a result, their reality changes and desired circumstances and outcomes begin to manifest, aligned with the transformation achieved and they can finally enjoy the life they’ve always wanted!

I have extensive experience working with clients 1:1 to help them achieve inner growth and realize their potential.

I offer an inspiring and highly effective combination of competency, understanding, empathy, respect, and trust in my sessions and I am deeply grateful for the privilege to be part of my clients´ life transformation journeys.