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Growth Astrology Mentorship Program

A unique opportunity for Seekers of Self-Knowledge & Evolved Astrology lovers who are eager to Learn & Practice Astrology from a Psychological Perspective with a Holistic Approach to Birth Chart Analysis.

Angelika's knowledge of astrology is so deep and powerful! Since I’ve been learning with her, I've gotten to know myself more in this past year, than all the other years spent in this lifetime combined as she's helped me expand my spiritual knowledge. Thank you, Angelika!!!

Jennifer Rush


This is not Just Another astrology course!!

The Growth Astrology Mentorship Program goes further, deeper, and way beyond surface-level Astrology and the fragmented information found through Google searches.

The Program is delivered in a small size Learn, Apply & Practice Group (6-8 people) through live weekly calls so you can acquire deeper and broader knowledge of Astrology and your birth chart through a holistic approach to astrological analysis and practice.

The interactive dynamic of blended learning of this Program allows a much better and highly effective way to study and solidify what has been learned through focused work in a small group, on live calls including teaching, discussions, case studies, material as well as support, and personalized help.

This approach includes Jungian Concepts/Archetypes, Mythological Stories, Fairy Tales & Tarot Symbolism as metaphors of psychological processes and the way they are reflected in the birth chart and much more!

Learning how to apply these analytical components to traditional Astrology methods will give you access to an empowering, unique system of sacred knowledge that opens the way to self-discovery and illuminates your journey of inner growth & personal evolution.

If you want to dive into the inner dimensions of Astrology, then this Mentorship Program is 100% for you as it provides the solutions you need for an effective study & practice of Astrology from a psychological perspective, with a holistic approach to Birth Chart Analysis.

You’re Invited to

Growth Astrology
Mentorship Program

The Growth Astrology Mentorship Program is a 6-month, Apply & Practice program created exclusively for those who are passionate about evolved Astrology and eager to learn how to interpret birth charts on a deeper level. from a psychological perspective.

The Learn, Apply & Practice methodology makes this Mentorship Program extremely valuable as it provides a unique opportunity to have real experience with astrological analysis and learn how to put the interpretation together (whole vs fragmented analysis) with confidence and accuracy.

These steps will also help you gain further insight into the meaning of your birth chart and your personality that will allow you to understand yourself and your story at a deeper level and in turn will help you resolve inner conflicts and chronic issues. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

These are some of the key points that we will work on together and you'll learn so much more!..

Is this right for you?

The Growth Astrology Mentorship Program is for you if you have a basic level of astrological knowledge, are open-minded and eager to learn & practice, and you’re able to attend 90 min live calls weekly.

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Meet Angelika...

I passionately love Astrology and Psychology and have been studying and practicing birth chart analysis from a psychological perspective for over 20 years.

I am a Certified Psychological Astrologer, Inner Work Mentor, and Life Transformation Coach, with extensive experience with clients from all walks of life.

Along with my astrological studies and practice, I have been studying Jungian Analytical Psychology and learning from various spiritual teachings and traditions such as: Tarot symbolism, Eastern & Western philosophy, Mythology, and more.

My lifelong passion for Astrology and Psychology, my academic achievements, qualifications, life experiences and my strong intuition allow me to provide high-quality consulting, coaching, and teaching services to my clients.

I have helped my current clients learn and apply this methodology and process to achieve amazing results!

I believe every person and every story is a precious gift from the Universe and comes with great potential for amazing discoveries and personal evolution.

It’s my mission to help people connect with their True Self, Align with their Purpose, and Live an Authentic and Happy Life!

The astrological analysis of my birth chart combined with some psychological insights surprised me with the accuracy and amazing revelations, way beyond my initial expectations as I was quite skeptical about this part of our work together. Thanks to my sessions with Angelika I was able to see my life and myself in ways that has helped me grow, change and improve many aspects of my story, including my love life, career goals and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest! I recommend Angelika as an Astrologer and a Life Coach to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their true self, become the person they always wanted to be and enjoy the life they always wanted to have!

Gema S.

Valencia, Spain

Here are the Program Modules:

Step 1. Learn

In 24 sessions (of 90 min) you will learn the Foundational principles of Astrology and the process of in-depth birth chart analysis from a psychological perspective.

This material will be structured and delivered with case-studies, examples, including your own chart and correlations with Mythology, Jungian concepts and Archetypes, Nature, human experience, and more.

Learning the astrological language and the archetypal connections between the Signs, Planets and Houses will enable you to ‘decode’ what the chart reveals about psychological structure, drives, beliefs, and motives and how a person is likely to process experience based on the dynamics of the birth chart.

Step 2. Apply

Group Discussions & Assignments/Homework between sessions

We’re going to dedicate 30 mins of each call to explore and discuss parts of group members’ charts to apply what was learned.

You will also have the opportunity to work with a partner (optional) on various astrological assignments as ‘homework’ which will be reviewed and discussed during the group sessions.

Step 3. Practice

Guided chart analysis and Graduation Assignment:

You’ll be able to practice interpretation of other people’s charts (group members and various case studies) as well as yours with guidance and direct feedback from me.

At the end of the Program, as a graduation assignment /Practicum you will do a full chart analysis from a psychological perspective and I will provide personalized feedback.

Thanks to my work with Angelika, I understand astrology and myself more than ever and in a way that has brought me to a place in life I didn't believe was truly possible. Angelika's gift of Psychological Astrology has been the new awareness, healing, and empowerment I needed. Thank you for your wisdom, Angelika!

Emily Bryson


Here's what's included...

The investment to work together iN the Growth Astrology Mentorship Program is $1,699 USD , paid in Full or 6 monthly payments of $299 USD each.


This covers over 36 hours of live calls, with 2 bonus sessions and written material. It is a great opportunity to learn from a qualified mentor with proven expertise in the field of AstroPsychology and practice with a small group of like-minded people, for a very affordable price!

The cost is minimal compared to the value of being able to learn to practice Birth Chart Analysis with a holistic approach to Astrology to help yourself and others on the journey of Self-Discovery, Healing, and Inner Growth! These long-term benefits are ultimately priceless!

If you’re serious and committed to investing in yourself and your future, sign up now to secure your spot!

On your soul-searching, life-changing mentorship journey you will have full support, guidance, and help to walk you through every step of the way.

You don’t have to pay when you first apply! 

If you meet the requirements to be successful in this program and you are ready to start, then click on the link below to fill out this Application Form and I’ll get in touch with you in 24 hours (check your Spam folder in case the email gets filtered).

We will schedule a quick Discovery Call to meet and answer additional questions you might have.

All the details about the Curriculum and schedule will be provided separately to all group members.

Spaces are limited so apply now to secure your spot, NEXT WEEK STARTING IN THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE! 

My Guarantee To You:

Because I am completely confident that you will be fully satisfied with the Growth Astrology Mentorship Program, I will offer you the following guarantee: I’ll refund your payment after the first week of our work together, if you are not happy with the Program. 

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You'll Also Get These Amazing bonuses:

FREE Lunar Identity Report

Learn more about your Moon Sign and how it relates to your feelings and subconscious mind.

2 Private 1:1 sessions

Receive two-45 min private sessions with me for additional 1:1 learning and guidance.

After completing the Mentorship Program, You will:

Ready to Dive Into the Fascinating Realm of Evolved Astrology?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary for you to have at least a basic level of astrological knowledge to take full advantage of the program.

What matters the most is to be willing to accept the value of Psychological Astrology as a tool of inestimable value in the process of self-discovery and transformation, as well as being open-minded and eager to learn & practice.

Absolutely! You can ask questions about your chart  related to the topics covered in our calls to apply what you have learned and practice.

45-60 mins should be enough time to do the homework between sessions.

You’ll find that the volume of work during and between sessions is kept within reasonable limits, done this way intentionally so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

At the same time, it would be ideal to keep a delivery plan for the material for each session to make sure that we stay on track and cover all of the essential material.

If you need more time to complete some of the activities we will adjust to more flexible arrangements. 

Yes, you can split the investment into 6 monthly payments of $299 USD each.

Do you still have questions? Send an email to [email protected], I’d love to connect and provide any additional information you might need.

What Clients are Saying...

Working with Angelika has been such an uplifting experience. Her extensive knowledge in both Astrology and Psychology brings together insight and information like no other. With her help and guidance, she has brought me the clarity and inner growth I needed to improve my life, be a better person and mother.

Diane Reycroft


I am a seeker of insight, knowledge and understanding and find that it comes in many forms and channels. A friend of mine recommended Angelika and I’m so grateful. I have a much deeper appreciation of my astrological chart and can see so many themes reinforced. Angelika zoomed in on a couple of interesting aspects and I immediately understood an area where I have been blocked and a bit stymied. I now can focus on how this shows up in my life and more actively address it. I feel enlightened and energized. I highly recommend working with Angelika.

Lori Stephenson

ON, Canada

Angelika has helped me in a unique way to understand the value and real meaning and purpose of Astrology! After working with Angelika, I’m a lot more confident in birth chart analysis! I got so passionate about evolved Astrology that I started my astrology FB group!​

Karen O’Leary


I recently employed the services of Angelika Matev for a natal chart reading. There is nothing vague to Angelika’s readings! She was able to accurately see and interpret my history and expertly guide me to focus on areas of my strengths. Her ability to interpret and articulate her findings has helped me to find clarity around life purpose and direction, which has alleviated some of the scattered thought patterns I’d been experiencing. I have all confidence that if you’re feeling a lack of direction, scattered or unsure about your future or purpose, Angelika is the person to steer you toward a path of clarity and certainty.

Fiona Hall

Sydney Australia