Own Your Life & Purpose Program

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Self-Discovery, Healing and Transformation with AstroPsychology & Holistic Growth Coaching

The 3-Level Breakthrough Program for Seekers of Self-Knowledge & Evolved Astrology lovers who are ready to reinvent their life with the empowering insights revealed by their Birth Chart.

The stars really aligned and gave me a great gift in finding Angelika. Enrolling into her coaching program has been one of my greatest investments. She is able to really tap into the person that I am, with my hopes and fears, and give me practical, useful, targeted, helpful, heartfelt advice to better myself and my life. She offers this from a real place of understanding and no judgement. Angelika's program is very unique, and it has been very effective for me in taking steps to produce changes to experience more positivity, joy, and fulfillment in my life. She's also a wonderful teacher that has a way of making astrology come to life, opposed to just words on paper. She makes concepts easy to understand and shares great knowledge in a tangible and practical way. Working with Angelika has been such a wonderful experience that I am very grateful for.

Nicole Vann


You don’t want another surface-level astrological reading...you want real answers.

You want to finally find the answers you are seeking so you can understand yourself and your life experiences on a deeper level.

Empowered with that knowledge, you want to be able to take the right steps towards resolving the chronic issues you’ve been dealing with because you want to see positive changes in your life!

You’re tired of feeling vulnerable, confused, and lost in uncertainty and you don’t want to be stuck in the same repetitive cycles of challenges, bad relationships, and negativity any longer.

You want to renew your passion for life and enjoy every day, uplifted by a reawakened sense of meaning and purpose!

The sacred journey of reinventing yourself and transforming your life begins with an in-depth analysis of your Birth Chart from a psychological perspective.

You’re Invited to

Own Your Life & Purpose Program

The Own Your Life & Purpose 3-Level Breakthrough Program is created exclusively for those who seek self-knowledge and are committed to reinventing themselves so they can unlock their unique path to an authentic and fulfilled life!

The Program is based on an innovative and highly effective combination of Counseling Astrology, Analytical Psychology & Holistic Growth Coaching methodology to help you reconnect with your true Self, discover your purpose and transform your life! 

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Here's What You'll Discover:

These are some of the key points that we will work on together and you'll learn so much more!..

Is this right for you?

The Own Your Life & Purpose Program is for you if you are an open-minded seeker of Self-Knowledge & Evolved Astrology lover, ready to reinvent yourself and transform your reality!

Think of your Birth Chart as a ‘treasure map’, unique to you and no one else on the planet, providing you with the keys to unlock a wealth of Self-Knowledge, Personal Power, and the ability to create the life you have always wanted!

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Meet Angelika...

I passionately love Astrology and Psychology and have been studying and practicing birth chart analysis from a psychological perspective for over 20 years.

I am a Certified AstroPsychologist, Inner Work Mentor and Holistic Growth  Coach, with extensive experience with clients from all walks of life.

I went through a deep cycle of transformation myself after losing a husband and my mother to cancer in just 2 weeks…

I was devastated, without much hope for the future. In these dark times, Psychological Astrology and the deep exploration of my inner world and life story helped me reconnect with my core, authentic Self like never before! I chose not to be a victim of circumstances and decided to prepare for the next steps on my journey through life. 

Shortly after, I met the love of my life, and a couple of years later, at the age of 53, I got married again, created a new life, started my own business, and have never been happier!

I believe every person and every story is a precious gift from the Universe and comes with great potential for amazing discoveries and personal evolution.

It’s my mission to help people in their journey of Self-discovery, healing and growth  so they can live an authentic and happy life!

I have always wanted to work with an astrologer (especially psychological astrology) and also a life coach.  I didnt know it existed in one person until I found Angelika.  My intuition said I could trust her and she was the person for me. I was right!  I needed a holistic approach to my healing, empowerment and creating the life of my dreams. Angelika’s coaching has already really helped me move forward in just a few sessions. She works with your birth chart, finding the key psychological themes and how to heal and empower yourself. She gives homework and the sessions are very deep and powerful! Angelika supports me in becoming aware of my limiting beliefs and places of healing. This has helped me move through them so I can become the person I am meant to be. I have so much love and appreciation for Angelika and wouldn't be where I am without her.

Emily Bryson


Here are the Program Modules:

Step 1. In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis to Discover Yourself & Find the Answers to Your 'Burning' Questions

By interpreting your Birth Chart from a psychological perspective, we identify the root cause for your insecurities, anxiety, blockages, dysfunctional attachment style, vulnerability, and inner conflicts, as well as your strengths, potential, gifts, and talents. etc.

We also examine current and upcoming planetary transits, especially the more long-term ones, and their influence in relation to your birth chart.
Connecting the dots is crucial to understanding the link between your personality, the way you process experience, and your life story.

Step 2. Astrotherapy with Guided Inner Work to Reframe Self-Limiting Beliefs , Heal Inner Wounds & Step Into Your Personal Power

This module includes exploration of intrinsic motivation, values, beliefs, childhood memories and defining moments, etc., all in reference to your birth chart, the most personalized and valuable tool to explore and balance your inner world.

We work on reconnecting with your inner child and reframing disempowering self-limiting beliefs to help you embrace self-love and increase your self-confidence and faith in your ability to fully own your life.

Step 3. Holistic Growth Coaching to Live & Enjoy Life To The Fullest

This module builds upon the foundation of your healed, balanced and transformed personality which allows you to dream big and confidently and realistically set goals for the future.

It includes dynamic coaching strategies developed to match your vision and aligned with your true potential to help and support you achieve the desired results.

Here's what's included...

The investment in the Own Your Life & Purpose Program is $3,000 USD.
Payment Plan Available

Spaces are limited as this is 1:1 work with live calls which, unlike group programs and pre-recorded courses cannot be done with too many people at once.

If you’re serious and committed to investing in yourself and your future, sign up now to secure your spot!

On your soul-searching, life-changing journey you will have full support, guidance, and help to walk you through every step of the way.

You do not have to pay when you first apply! 

The Apply button will take you to an Application Form that you will fill out and submit. 

If your Application is approved you’ll receive an email from me, within 48hrs (check your spam folder, in case it gets filtered) to arrange our free initial session, review next steps, discuss enrollment details and answer other questions you might have. 

If we are a good fit to work together I’ll send you an invoice and after you make the payment as agreed we will schedule our first session and we’ll be ready to dive in! 

My Guarantee To You:

Because I am completely confident that you will be fully satisfied with the value of the Own Your Life & Purpose Program, I will offer you the following guarantee: I’ll refund your payment after the first week of our work together, if you are not happy with the Program. 

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You'll Also Get These Amazing bonuses:

FREE Solar Return Chart Reading

An astrological consultation about the 12 months of your Personal Year (from birthday to birthday).

FREE Synastry Chart Reading

Synastry Chart Reading for compatibility between partners, family members, friends.

The Ultimate Emotion Mastery Bundle

Improve your Emotional Intelligence (your EQ), with 9 different e-books, checklists, and a Report on The Moon Sign & The Emotional Self.

After completing the Program, You will...

*I will guide, support and help you in reaching your goals, but your results depend primarily on your own efforts and motivation to do the work included in the Program, and your commitment to the process.

Ready to Reinvent Yourself, Find Your True Path & Transform Your Life?

Click on the button below to submit an Application Form. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED WITH THIS STEP!

What My Amazing Clients are Saying...

Nicole Bellisle,
Founder, Living Leaders
Executive Educator, Harvard University, USA

Lucie quigley, canada

Julie pic

Angelika is a rare gem! She is an expert at assisting you in aligning your physical and non-physical Self. A true soul alchemist, she is the counselor that you have been searching for!! I have had the pleasure of co-creating with Angelika for the past 16 months. Her depth of knowledge of Astrology, counseling, and her own life experience was the missing link for me. Her support and insight regarding the unseen influences on my personality and psyche have supported and successfully navigated me through a narcissistic boss, a lawsuit, and the recent passing of a loved one. Presently, my family is embarking on an incredible journey of moving to another country. Angelika is proving, yet again, to be an outstanding resource for this next step in my spiritual evolution. Angelika is both flexible and generous with her time and schedule which is especially beneficial for this busy mom of young twin girls! Say "Sayonara" to uncertainty and book a consultation with Angelika to take advantage of her amazing services!!

Julie Webb

Atlanta, GA, USA

I recently had a reading with Angelika....It was FANTASTIC! It's hard to pinpoint what I enjoyed most - the accuracy was spot on. Through the session, I was actually able to see myself - and walked away with an understanding of how I came to this world. Because of the clarity I received, I can now walk with more certainty and not be concerned about certain things. I can be more focused on my strengths and purpose. My energy level has shifted and I have a new appreciation and excitement for this season of my life. I'm breathing a bit more freely! Thank you Angelika - your intuition, your approach, and your ability to discuss esoteric topics in a way that anyone could understand is simply...BRILLIANT. I'm looking forward to continuing our work together!

Kim Horvath


I found Angelika through an astrological group on Facebook. After reaching out and discussing options, I decided it was in my best interest if I began working with Angelika. Her insight on astrological psychology is unmatched—I feel like I’m talking to someone who has known me my whole life! Working with someone who details your personal patterns and traits through your birth chart is everything I’ve wanted—it’s truly the greatest tool. Angelika was the best choice to help guide me to self-improvement and inner work. I feel so lucky to have her!

Hailey Vesper


I recently employed the services of Angelika Matev for a natal chart reading. There is nothing vague to Angelika's readings! She was able to accurately see and interpret my history and expertly guide me to focus on areas of my strengths. Her ability to interpret and articulate her findings has helped me to find clarity around life purpose and direction, which has alleviated some of the scattered thought patterns I’d been experiencing. I have all confidence that if you’re feeling a lack of direction, scattered or unsure about your future or purpose, Angelika is the person to steer you toward a path of clarity and certainty.

Fiona Hall

Sydney, Australia

I met Angelika on an astrology site in July of this year, and I am so blessed that I did! I wanted a quick overview of my birth chart so that I could identify and deal with a problem I was experiencing. Angelika’s analysis unlocked the blueprint. the tapestry of my entire emotional life providing me with an intensive study that was superb! My intuition told me this was the enlightened person whom I wanted to guide me through much needed inner work. You can share thoughts, insights, secrets and even a fun laugh with Angelika. She has a gentle approach discussing hard aspects and offers sound practical advice. Her astrological knowledge and delivery of its vast content is exquisite. Her overall knowledge in general is amazing! Angelika is so smart and imparts it with genuine humility. I really appreciate that about her. I am so glad the Universe has brought us together! With Angelika, I have a wonderful Faithkeeper, a trusted advisor and astrologer as well as a good friend!

Karen O’Leary


Frequently Asked Questions

No, that is not a requirement with this Program.

If you are familiar with some astrological concepts then you will enjoy the interpretation of your birth chart even more however it is not necessary for you to be knowledgeable of astrology to take full advantage of the program.

What matters the most is to be willing to accept the value of Evolved Astrology as a tool of inestimable value in the process of self-discovery and transformation.

Although I use the predictive dimension of Astrology in the birth chart analysis for interpreting the meaning and significance of important life periods (current Transits, Solar Returns, etc.), my consultations do not include concrete predictions.

The Psychological Astrologer´s role is not to predict the future but to explore how the chart reflects the psychic structure, the inner world of the individual, and what outcomes derive from the interaction between drives, beliefs, and feelings.

As an astrologer, I firmly believe that the real value of astrologers´ work lies in their ability to help clients understand the core issues by looking beyond the surface of their problems and motivate them to assume an active role in the resolution process.

Without the exact birth time it won’t be possible to accurately calculate your birth chart. A difference of just a few minutes would create a different graphic as it will affect various placements, degrees, and House size, to name a few. That in turn would change the entire structure of your astrological blueprint.

You should be able to get the exact time of your birth (hour & minutes) from your birth certificate, parents, the registry of the hospital where you were born, or through the civil registry.

That depends on the type of exercise and activity, usually 45-60 mins should be enough time to do the homework between sessions.

You’ll find that the volume of work during and between sessions is kept within reasonable limits, done this way intentionally so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

At the same time, it would be ideal to keep a delivery plan for each session to make sure that we stay on track and cover all of the essential material.

If you need more time to complete some of the activities we will adjust to more flexible arrangements.

In the delivery of my services I strictly adhere to and apply the ethical standards of the practice of Psychological Astrology & Coaching which include:

  • Strict confidentiality about your birth chart and details shared prior to and during the consultation.
  • Competence and relevant expertise in the declared field.
  • Professionalism, demonstrated in attitude and practice, including appropriate boundaries.
  • Guidance without interference, tolerance without judgment, help & support without creating dependency.
  • Ability to deliver the consultations without terminology & technical jargon overwhelm.
  • Focus on choices and opportunities for healing & growth vs fear, despair, helplessness.
  • Punctuality, accuracy, and strict adherence to the Service Agreement.
  • Pleasant and productive atmosphere during the sessions.

Yes, you can split the investment into 3 payments of $1100 USD each.

I know what it’s like to go through hard times financially and I don’t want money to be a reason for you to miss out on the opportunity to work with an expert coach and astrologer.
If you are truly committed to your journey of Self-discovery, healing and growth, please do still get in touch. I am flexible and open to discuss extended payment terms and options as part of my commitment to helping people own their life and purpose.

Apart from the 12 + 2 contact hours delivered in private sessions the Program includes preparation time and work for the following:


*Birth chart analysis preparation

*Solar return chart analysis preparation

*Synastry chart analysis preparation

*Planning and preparation prior to each session including review of client’s ‘homework’.

*Recap notes written and sent after each session

*Unlimited mail/messenger support between sessions with detailed answers provided within 24 hrs.

*The material included (reports, worksheets, checklists, quizzes, workbooks, written assignments, guides, the entire Pathfinder Module and more).

*Client records management, calendar scheduling etc.


Clearly there’s a massive amounts of time and work done behind-the-scenes to ensure my clients receive the best professional services and the most value for their money through our work together.


The process and the results are what’s worth the investment but even calculated in hourly rates the price of this entire Program is actually way lower than the actual cost, considering everything that is included.


Do you still have questions? Send an email to [email protected], I’d love to connect and provide any additional information you might need. 


Angelika Matev is a Certified Psychological Astrologer and is qualified to provide astrological counseling & therapeutic advice based on her AstroPsychology training, expertise, and practice but she is not, and does not claim to be a licensed psychotherapist. The services provided by Angelika Matev are not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, or other mental health professionals. 

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