Quarterly Subscription

$33.00 / 3 Months

Psychological Astrology & Holistic Growth Coaching



◊ Access to exclusive to members Premium content (as described above), delivered weekly & monthly, by email, for a very affordable subscription fee!
◊ Access to downloadable material, covering a huge variety of topics from three main categories:
Psychological Astrology
Inner Work/Shadow Work
Holistic Growth Coaching
◊ Special Bonuses
◊ A unique opportunity to feel supported, find direction and accountability, and expand your knowledge of yourself and the world.
 ◊ Inspiration to stay focused and committed to continue making progress on your journey!
Now, more than ever the world needs authentic and empowered people, capable of self-regulation and critical thinking to be the active agents of positive change, healing, and evolution for all humanity!
The knowledge provided through the Zodiac & Psyche membership is a great way to learn and grow & become a real change-maker!
Let’s connect and make it happen, together!


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